Design Tips

Our talented and knowledgeable staff at Mirror Gallery will gladly assist you in navigating the vast array of options available when selecting the perfect mirror.

- Photograph where the Mirror is to hang

- Photograph the surroundings of your Interior and Furnishings.

These photos enable our expert Sales Staff to suggest the most suitable styles of Mirror to complement and enhance your decor.

Use Newspaper and blu tack to make a template to attach to your wall.

This will give the best indication of the size of the mirror needed for the space.  Also consider the following when choosing the right size for your space.

- The Mirror must be visually balanced and pleasing to the eye when on the wall and with the surroundings

- Dont make it too small, fill the space to maximise the impact and bring the wall to life.

- Allow an area of wall space around the mirror and above the mirror, but fill the majority of the space available for the best effect.

- Measure the dimensions and bring with you.If the mirror is to be positioned over a sideboard/console table or above a fireplace

- Bring these measurements with you.

- Measure the height from the top of the furniture or mantle to the ceiling or cornice (or picture rail).

Apro Service offer our Customers an overnight Mirror Loan Service which enables our Customers to view the Mirror/s of their choice in their home or premises.  Customers can choose Mirrors (limit 3) and provide a Credit Card as surety.  Mirrors must be returned within a strict 24 hour period, (no exceptions)  If the Mirrors are not returned within the agreed time frame the Customers Credit Card will automatically be charged, and the right to Return the Merchandise will be withdrawn.   
This Service is only available for Customers who are able to personally visit our Stores, it is not applicable for Mirrors delivered by Courier or Transport.