Delivery & FAQs

No, however we have a network of delivery and installation professionals that we recommend as they have worked with us for years.

Please see your city below and contact them directly for a quote. They will need to know where the mirror will be delivered, the size of the mirror, and if there are stairs or any other considerations.

We recommend if a mirror is over a certain size and weight or if the mirror location is in a high or awkward place that it is professionally delivered and installed for safety.

We don't arrange road, rail or air delivery for other locations in Australia.


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Brisbane Art Installations
Carlos Martinho
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Anything & Everything Deliveries

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Gold Coast
Art Install Australia
Matt Davidson
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Mirror Image and Framing
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No need to call or email us unless we request. Just come when the store is open and give us your last name or invoice number.

Please ensure to measure your car interior before arriving at the store to make sure the mirror can fit safely.

If the mirror is bulky or is more than 10kg, bring a partner or friend to assist you to carry the mirror from the store. Our staff are insured only to carry up to 10kg.

Please bring a blanket or rug to wrap the mirror in, it is better for the mirror and more environmentally friendly than bubble wrap or foam. We don’t keep boxes for every mirror as that would take up all our limited storage space. Place the mirror face up in the car.

To avoid black oxidisation or 'de-silvering', wipe the mirror surface with a cloth dampened in water or a mix of 70% water/30% methylated spirits, then buff the mirror surface dry with a second lint-free cloth. Lightly dust the frame as necessary.

DO NOT SPRAY any liquids directly onto the mirror surface - drips will get in behind the glass and damage the silver. Do not use any liquid cleaners that contain corrosive chemicals such as ammonia, products like Windex, or acids such as vinegar. Do not allow any liquids to come into contact with the frame. We sell professional grade glass cleaner in store.

Any de-silvering of a mirror which was not present at the time of purchase but appeared at a later date is not a manufacturing defect. It is the result of using incorrect products and methods for cleaning the mirrors. Detailed mirror care instructions are printed at the bottom of all our receipts. The Mirror Gallery will not exchange or refund de-silvered mirrors caused by improper care.

Yes it is part of our normal stock and we have storage facilities in the basement or at the back of each showroom that holds many more mirror types, sizes and colours.

It depends on the mirror as we have different suppliers around Australia. If the stock is in Australia, generally it should be about 2 to 3 weeks. If the stock is coming from overseas, it may take 1 to 2 months or longer, especially with Covid-19 interrupting supply lines internationally. Contact us so we can talk with our suppliers and potentially pre-order for you before it lands in Australia to ensure the piece is yours.

Yes we do and for reasonable prices. Please see our Custom Mirror section on this website.

The Mirror Gallery is happy to offer our customers a 24-hour mirror loan service which enables you to view the mirror/s of your choice in your home or premises. This service is only available for customers who are able to personally visit our stores.

Customers can choose a limit of two mirrors and provide credit card details, show photo identification and fill in a form as surety. If you wish to keep the mirror/s, call us to confirm so we can process the purchase.

Mirrors must be returned within the 24-hour period if you do not wish to keep it/them. If the mirrors are not returned within the agreed time frame your credit card will automatically be charged, and the right to return the merchandise will be withdrawn.

No we don’t have sales, we just have low prices year round :)

Our policy is determined by Australian Consumer Law where we are not required to provide a refund or replacement for change of mind. Instead, we offer store credit or an exchange.

If the mirror is defective due to a manufacturing error, we will work with you to repair, replace or refund. Defective mirrors are very rare.

No we only source new mirrors from approved suppliers and manufacturers to ensure quality, safety and insurance in case a mirror has a defect we can easily replace it for our customers.

If you are an interior designer or architect, simply supply us with your ABN and we can register you on our system and discuss buying options with us.

Please talk with us in-store or by phone or email with your requirements.

Yes, our parking can be found at the back of each showroom, with at least two spaces readily available for our customers.

Yes although small children and dogs must be supervised at all times due to the inherent danger of being around heavy mirrors that can fall when bumped and shatter into dangerous pieces.

Please don’t allow children (or adults!) to touch the mirror surfaces as it creates unnecessary cleaning work for our staff. It is also a way to inadvertently spread Covid-19.

Please ensure children are wearing shoes and don’t sit on the floor. We sometimes do work on mirrors in the showrooms so an odd screw or nail may accidentally be left on the floor.

Please keep a safe distance between other customers and be mindful about getting too close to staff. Do not touch our staff. Try not to touch the mirror frames when browsing and if you do, use hand sanitiser before and afterwards.